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Supplements (& pillow recommendation)

​We are excited to be able to provide a site where you can purchase your vitamins directly without having to come to the office or be local to us and we can guarantee they are the quality vitamins you expect and are stored properly! 
We have this patient portal open to all products however, our favorites are listed at the top with a highlighted star. *We don’t always recommend each product by brands we recommend*

We are often asked what our recommendations are for various different things. From pillows to supplements to local practitioners and products.  We have complied a few of our favorites here for you to easily find and come back to as needed. 

If there is something you're wondering about but don't see here shoot us an email,, and we will get back to you! 

What do you recommend for.... ?


  • ​​Eggs: Longevity health center 
  • Meat: farm fresh beef and produce
  • Massage : LaPaz wellness
  • Acupuncture: Shen wellness studio, Longevity health center